Elevate your maritime career with our STCW and Ancillary Training, meticulously designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic world of maritime operations. Our courses are not just certifications; they are gateways to a safer, more proficient, and globally recognized career.

The STCW (Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers) courses are the cornerstone of maritime safety, addressing critical areas such as personal survival techniques, fire prevention, and first aid. But at Captain Alfred Maritime Training Center, we go beyond the basics. Our expert instructors blend theoretical rigor with hands-on practical training, ensuring you’re not just equipped with theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to handle real-life scenarios confidently.

In addition to the STCW courses, our Ancillary Training delves into specialized areas that encompass the broader maritime landscape. From maritime security and environmental compliance to advanced navigation techniques, we provide a comprehensive range of courses that are tailored to match the diverse demands of the maritime industry.

Whether you’re embarking on a maritime career or seeking to enhance your skills, our STCW and Ancillary Training opens doors to new opportunities, setting you on a course to become an exceptional mariner who’s ready to face the challenges of the open sea.

Enroll now and chart your journey towards excellence with Captain Alfred Maritime Training Center. Your maritime aspirations deserve nothing less than the best.


CourseDurationMinimum RequirementsCertification BodyFees (ksh)
STCW Basic Safety (Mandatory)7 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA30,000
STCW Revalidation3 DaysServing Seafarers (STCW Ch.VI, Sec.A, Table A-VI/1-1, 1-2, 1-3. 1-4, AVI/5 & VI6KMA20,000
Coxswain Level III17 DaysAnyone interested in learning basic and safe operations of a boat.KMA70,000
Elementary First Aid2 DaysOpenKMA9,500
Medical Care5 DaysServing SeafarersKMA30,000
Medical First Aid3 DaysServing SeafarersKMA30,000
Personal Survival Techniques2 DaysServing SeafarersKMA10,000
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting1 DayServing SeafarersKMA9,500
Personal Safety & Social responsibility1 DayServing SeafarersKMA9,500
Security Awareness Course1 DayServing SeafarersKMA3,500

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