The maritime industry is a vast ocean of opportunities, and specialized skills are the compass that guides your journey. Our Rating and AB (Able Seaman) Courses are meticulously designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise required to thrive in this dynamic sector.

Rating and Able Seaman roles are the backbone of maritime operations, requiring hands-on skills and a deep understanding of vessel maintenance, navigation, and safety procedures. Our courses delve into the essential aspects of these roles, preparing you to be a valuable asset on board various types of vessels.

Led by experienced Captain Alfred maritime professionals, our Rating and AB Courses blend theoretical insights with practical training. You’ll learn how to operate essential shipboard equipment, navigate with precision, and contribute to the overall safety and efficiency of maritime operations.

By enrolling in our courses, you’re not just embarking on a learning journey; you’re stepping into the heart of maritime operations. Choose the course that aligns with your career aspirations from the table below and set sail towards becoming a proficient and skilled seafarer.

CourseDurationMinimum RequirementsCertification BodyFees (ksh)
Rating Deck and Engine17 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA80,000
AB Deck and Engine45 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA100,000
Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch45 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA80,000
Rating Forming part of An Engineering Watch45 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA80,000
Refresher Deck Rating7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
Refresher Engine Room Ratings7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
Refresher and Upgrading Officers14 DaysServing SeafarersKMA55,000
Refresher and Upgrading Deck Officers14 DaysServing SeafarersKMA55,000
Revalidation Ratings7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA45,000
Revalidation Officers14 DaysServing SeafarersKMA150,000

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