In the ever-evolving world of maritime operations, continuous learning is the compass that keeps you on course. Our Advanced Maritime Courses are tailor-made to provide seasoned professionals with the specialized skills and knowledge needed to excel in critical areas of the industry.

From Engine Room Resource Management to Crisis Management and Human Behavior, our courses delve deep into essential aspects of maritime operations that demand a high level of expertise. These advanced courses are designed for those who aspire to lead with confidence and navigate complex situations with precision.

Led by industry veterans, our Advanced Maritime Courses combine theoretical insights with practical scenarios, ensuring you’re equipped to handle real-world challenges. You’ll develop leadership skills, crisis management strategies, and a deep understanding of human behavior dynamics in high-pressure maritime environments.

Our GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) General Operator course equips you with the essential knowledge to ensure maritime safety and communication. This certification is crucial for those aspiring to excel in radio communication and distress procedures at sea.

By enrolling in our Advanced Maritime Courses, you’re investing in your career progression and contributing to the safety and efficiency of maritime operations. Explore the course offerings below and navigate your way towards becoming a confident and capable maritime professional.

CourseDurationMinimum RequirementsCertification BodyFees (ksh)
Engine Room Resource Management (ERM) Operational5 DaysServing SeafarersKMA35,000
Engine Room Resource Management (ERM) Management Level4 DaysPerformed Engine Room watchkeeping duties Qualified engineering officer for period not less than 6monthsKMA100,000
Bridge Resource Management4 DaysMerchant or Naval Deck OfficersKMA35,000
Crises Management and Human Behaviour7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA20,000
Crowd Management7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA25,000
Electronic Charts Display and International System (ECDIS)and Automation5 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
GMDSS General Operator(GO)7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA90,000
GMDSS Restricted Operator(RO)5 DaysServing SeafarersKMA60,000
High Voltage Management Level4 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
High Voltage Operational4 DaysServing SeafarersKMA35,000
Leadership and Management Skills7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
Leadership and Team working Skills7 DaysServing SeafarersKMA40,000
Able Seafarer Deck42 DaysOver 18years ID/PassportKMA80,000

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