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Welcome to Our Maritime College – Where Excellence and Adventure Meet!

At Captain Alfred Maritime Centre, we are proud to be the guiding beacon for aspiring maritime professionals like you. Here are the reasons why choosing us for your maritime education will set you on an unparalleled voyage of success

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Navigating Excellence: Your Gateway to STCW and Ancillary Training at Captain Alfred Maritime Training Centre.


Mastering Maritime Tanker Operations: Enroll in our Specialized Courses at Captain Alfred Maritime Training Centre.


Setting Sail into Secure Waters: Explore Our Maritime Security Courses at Captain Alfred Maritime Training Centre


Elevate your maritime career with our comprehensive RATING and AB courses at Captain Alfred Maritime Training Centre.


Our top categories

STCW Basic Safety

7 Days

Electronic Navigation Aids

10 Days

Tanker Courses

11 Days

Rating Deck and Engine Course

17 Days

Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)

7 days

Limitless Learning, Limitless Possibilities

Our well-rounded approach ensures you become not only a skilled maritime professional but also a responsible global citizen and a leader with integrity

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